HOOPS Exchange 2016 SP1

Format Updates


Updated Version

STEP export



25 & 26



File Reader Enhancements


  • Fix for conversion issues on a CV5 R21 file

  • Fix for conversion issue ReadHiddenObjects=true

  • Improvement on the CV5 mirrored entities management

  • Improvement on a CATIA V5 file taking a long time to import

  • Fix on a CATIA V5 file that was not converted

  • Several bug fixes and improvements


  • A new option has been added to hide datum when construction entities are loaded. See A3DRWParamsProEData.m_bDisplayVisibleDatum. Please note that the default behavior has changed compared to the previous version. Set this Boolean to true to retain the previous behavior.

  • Our reader now supports notes parallel to the screen. This is managed by a new parameter m_bHandlePMIScreenLocation.

  • Several bug fixes on reader and PMI


  • Fix for conversion issue on specific parts


  • Improvement related to the support of the validation properties

  • Improvement on the management of STEP AP 242 compressed files

  • Improvement on the management of the PMI cross highlight (geometry/PMI)

  • Several general bug fixes and improvements on our STEP reader and writer


  • Specific files containing variable patterns are now supported

  • Several bug fixes and improvements

Solid Edge

  • Several bug fixes and improvements related to sheet metal alternate assemblies


  • Specific files containing Boolean operations are now properly converted

  • Fix for specific IFC conversion issue

All formats

  • The m_ucBehaviour parameter on product occurrences is now set as “For future use”. We recommend you use the information provided on m_uiProductFlags rather than in m_ucBehaviour as in previous versions.

Functionality Enhancements

Persistent IDs

The new function A3DAsmProductOccurrenceGetIdentifier() has been introduced to retrieve persistent IDs on assembly nodes. This function should be used instead of using A3DRootBaseData.m_uiPersistentId on product occurrences.

Incremental load

The existing incremental load function has been enhanced and changed. A new function, A3DAsmModelFileUnloadParts(), to unload parts has been introduced. This function can load or unload only leaf nodes. The function A3DProductOccurenceUnload() is deprecated.

Parasolid bridge

  • Many general improvements have been made to the quality of our Parasolid bridge

  • Some fixes and improvements in our healing algorithm

  • Healing, sewing, and merging operations can now be done after translating data to Parasolid using A3DHealPkParts()

  • Additional attributes, colors, and layer information can be stored directly inside Parasolid parts. See A3DRWParamsTranslateToPkPartsData.m_bUseColour2Attribute, A3DRWParamsTranslateToPkPartsData.m_bUseUTF8ForNameAttribute, and A3DRWParamsTranslateToPkPartsData.m_bUseLayerAttribute


Support of density has been improved