CATIA V6 / 3DExperience Reader

The CATIA V6 Reader provides full access to the assembly, visualization, view, and PMI data stored within a particular CATIA V6 file. A file does not need to have a particular extension to be read correctly by HOOPS Exchange however the file extension of CATIA V6 files that you can expect to be loaded by HOOPS Exchange is:

  • .3DXML

Our readers are updated to the latest released version within 90 days of the release of the authoring software. You can see the exact version supported in the current release here.

The version specification for the .3DXML format is 4.3. This format contains data exported from both CATIA V5 and V6 / _3DExperience_.


The full definition of the assembly tree is supported. However, we don’t currently support incremental load for our CATIA V6 reader.


The CATIA V6 reader supports import of B-rep data, although there are some limitations. For more information, please contact Developer Support.


The CATIA V6 reader accesses and interprets the tessellation data in the file. CATIA V6 can contain tessellation in a few different forms. Our reader can read XML and static tessellation, but dynamic tessellation is not supported.


There are two types of views supported in CATIA V6:

  • Annotation views: A view plane in addition to visibilities that are applied to the PMI entities

  • Capture views: A full camera definition, visibilities applied to PMI, visibilities and transformations that can be applied to components in the assembly and the optional definition of section planes.

Both types of views are fully supported by HOOPS Exchange.


The CATIA V6 reader provides access to the PMI information within a 3DXML file. The PMI data is only presented in a visual form and so a semantic definition is not available. The different PMI types available in 3DXML are:

The list of specific PMI types supported is listed below:

  • Datum

  • Datum Target

  • Dimension

  • Dimension (Basic)

  • Dimension (Coordinate)

  • Dimension (Cumulated)

  • Dimension (Curvlinear)

  • Dimension (Stacked)

  • Distance

  • Flags

  • Feature Control Frame

  • Geometrical Tolerance

  • Note Object Attribute (Text)

  • Note Object Attribute (Ditto)

  • Roughness

  • Weld


Construction geometries are handled by the reader.

Import Options Specific to CATIA V6



No support for multiple sections views.