FBX Reader

The FBX Reader provides access to visualization data stored within a particular FBX file. A file does not need to have a particular extension to be read correctly by HOOPS Exchange; however, the file extensions of FBX files that you can expect to be loaded by HOOPS Exchange is .fbx.

Our readers are updated to the latest released version within 90 days of the release of the authoring software. You can see the exact version supported in the current release here.


FBX is a tessellation format thus only tessellation is read from an FBX file.


Textures are fully supported when parsing FBX.

The detailed description of the material data format is included in the documentation of the A3DGraphMaterialData structure. For more information about accessing textures and attributes, please read the documentation for the A3DGlobalData, A3DGraphMaterialData, A3DGraphTextureApplicationData and A3DMiscAttributeData structures.


Reading FBX is available on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Reading FBX-DOM files is not supported.