IGES Writer

The IGES writer allows developers to export B-rep data from Exchange to IGES. The file extensions that you can create when you export the data are:

  • .IGES

  • .IGS


The assembly structure is maintained during export.


When we export to IGES we look at the source data and map each surface to one of the following:

  • B-spline surface

  • Cylinder

  • Cone

  • Offset surface

  • Plane

  • Sphere

  • Surface of extrusion

  • Surface of revolution

  • Torus

…and each curve to:

  • B-spline curves

  • Composite curves

  • Circle

  • Ellipse

  • Hyperbola

  • Line

  • Parabola


This format does not support a tessellation representation.


Views are not supported by this format.


PMI is not supported by this format.