Parasolid Writer

The Parasolid writer allows developers to export B-rep data from Exchange to Parasolid. The file extensions that you can create when you export the data are:

  • .X_B

  • .X_T

  • .XMT

  • .XMT_TXT


The assembly structure will be exported into the Parasolid file. This will include support for instancing and any coloring and transformations that may be present.


All B-rep surface and curve definitions are maintained during export, as long as the source format was Parasolid-based. This includes the blends and intersection curves. However, the B-rep is not exactly the same as the original Parasolid data as we occasionally need to do additional operations like trimming surfaces and recomputing vertices. If you need to export B-rep exactly as it was in the original file, you should use the KeepParsedEntities import option.

If the format was not a Parasolid-based format then all surfaces get mapped to one of the following:

  • B-spline surface

  • Cone

  • Cylinder

  • Plane

  • Sphere

  • Revolution surface

  • Swept surface

  • Torus

…and curves to one of the following:

  • 3D curve

  • Circle

  • Ellipse

  • Line

  • UV curve


Export of tessellation data is only possible using the Parasolid bridge.


Views are a concept not supported by this format.


PMI is a concept not supported by this format.