class ExportDataSourceVTFx

Export the entire contents of a DataSource to a VTFx file.

The VTFx file format is Ceetron’s own format tailored specifically to carry structural mechanics and fluid dynamics data in a very compact form.

By utilizing XML and zip compression, the VTFx format expands the functionality and usefulness of the well established VTF format by adding features for security and adaptability without compromising on the file size.


cee::ug:DataSource* source =  model->dataSource()
cee::exp::ExportDataSourceVTFx exporter;
exporter.write(source, "myfile.vtfx");

See also

VTFxFileBrowser and ExportVTFx

Public Functions

ExportDataSourceVTFx(cee::ug::DataSource *dataSource)

Creates an export object prepared to export the given data sources.

void setVendorNameAndApplication(const Str &vendorName, const Str &vendorApplication)

Sets the name of the vendor and application from which it is exported from.

void setCompressionLevel(unsigned int compressionLevel)

Sets the level of compression of the VTFx file.

Values range from 0 to 9.

A value of 0 means no compression, values greater than 0 indicate increasing compression performance and hence larger processing time. The default is 6.

void setPassword(const Str &password)

Sets the password used for file encryption. An empty password means no encryption, which is the default.

void setCreateSignature(bool on)

When this flag is on, a digital signature is added to the VTFx file. The default is off.

void setWriteAsciiDataFiles(bool on)

When this flag is on, the files in the database are written in Ascii format. The default is off.

void setExportSurfaceOnly(bool on)

When this flag is on, only the boundary surface of the model will be stored.

void setRelativeDisplacements(bool on)

When this flag is on, displacements will be considered as relative.

void setExportDerivedResultAsSelfContained(bool on)

When this flag is on, scalars derived from tensor or vector data will be exported as independent scalar.

bool write(std::vector<int> stateIds, const cee::ug::DataStateSpec &spec, const Str &fileName)

Writes the given states with given specification from the content of the data source in the given file using the current export settings.

bool write(const Str &fileName)

Writes the content of the data source in the given file using the current export settings.