class BulkCalculation

Calculation of bulk values from cutting planes and visible surfaces of parts.

The following values are computed on the cutting plane/part surface: Scalar result: Min/Max/Average/Resultant(sum of Area*EltResult for all surface elements) Geometry: Area, surface (triangle) count, node count, surface centroid

Note that bulk calculations can be performed on any scalar result, not only the ones currently mapped on the model/cutting plane.

Public Functions

BulkCalculation(UnstructGridModel *model, size_t frameIndex)

Prepares bulk calculation of a given model and frame index.

bool getCutplaneValues(size_t cuttingPlaneIndex, ResultType resultType, int resultId, std::vector<BulkValues> *cutplaneRegionArr)

Computes the bulk values for the given cutting plane in the given model and frame.

Bulk calculation can be done on any scalar result and is not limited to the one mapped on the cutting plane.

bool getPartValues(size_t globalGeometryIndex, int partId, ResultType resultType, int resultId, BulkValues *bulkValues)

Computes the bulk values for the given part.

The bulk calculation will be performed on the visible surfaces of the part.