Visualization: Draw bounding box using markup model

The MarkupModel enables the user to draw custom markup figures and texts into the model. Markup can, for instance, be used to:

  • Draw measure lines (distance/angle/…)

  • Add annotations as labels

  • Position 2D symbols in the model

This example loads the demo file and draws the models bounding box as a markup model in the view. The bounding box is draw as yellow lines.

void TutorialRunnerMainWindow::createMarkup()
    // Load an UnstructGridModel from file and draw a bounding box
    cee::vis::View* gcView = getTutorialView();

    // Create the model and data source
    cee::PtrRef<cee::ug::UnstructGridModel> ugModel = new cee::ug::UnstructGridModel();

    cee::PtrRef<cee::ug::DataSourceVTFx> source = new cee::ug::DataSourceVTFx(42);

    // Open the vtfx file
    cee::Str vtfxFile = TutorialUtils::testDataDir() + "scoobs.vtfx";
    if (!source->open(vtfxFile))
        // VTFx file not found

    // Add the data source to the model

    // Set the last state as current
    std::vector<cee::ug::StateInfo> stateInfos = source->directory()->stateInfos();
    if (stateInfos.size() > 0)
        int lastStateId = stateInfos[stateInfos.size() - 1].id();

    // Add model to view. Ensure that old models are removed first


    // Create createMarkup model for drawing the bounding box
    cee::PtrRef<cee::vis::MarkupModel> markupModel = new cee::vis::MarkupModel();

    // Get all corner points of the bounding box
    cee::BoundingBox bb = gcView->boundingBox();
    cee::Vec3d p1(bb.minimum().x(), bb.minimum().y(), bb.minimum().z());
    cee::Vec3d p2(bb.minimum().x(), bb.maximum().y(), bb.minimum().z());
    cee::Vec3d p3(bb.minimum().x(), bb.maximum().y(), bb.maximum().z());
    cee::Vec3d p4(bb.minimum().x(), bb.minimum().y(), bb.maximum().z());
    cee::Vec3d p5(bb.maximum().x(), bb.minimum().y(), bb.minimum().z());
    cee::Vec3d p6(bb.maximum().x(), bb.maximum().y(), bb.minimum().z());
    cee::Vec3d p7(bb.maximum().x(), bb.maximum().y(), bb.maximum().z());
    cee::Vec3d p8(bb.maximum().x(), bb.minimum().y(), bb.maximum().z());

    // All all lines needed for visualizing the box
    cee::PtrRef<cee::vis::MarkupPartLines> part = new cee::vis::MarkupPartLines(cee::Color3f(1.0, 1.0, 0.0), 3, true, 0.0);
    part->add(p1, p2);
    part->add(p2, p3);
    part->add(p3, p4);
    part->add(p4, p1);
    part->add(p1, p5);
    part->add(p2, p6);
    part->add(p3, p7);
    part->add(p4, p8);
    part->add(p5, p6);
    part->add(p6, p7);
    part->add(p7, p8);
    part->add(p8, p5);

    // Add the box to the view

    gcView->camera().fitView(bb, cee::Vec3d(0, 0, -1), cee::Vec3d(0, 1, 0));