class SectionGroupInfo

Simple class containing metadata info for a section Group.

A section group info contains:

  • Section group id

  • Section group name

  • List of Section Info ids conforming the group

If there are more than 1 section, we will create Top and Bottom group and pick the default sections for each category. This can be changed in the ReaderSettings.

Public Functions


Constructs an empty object.

Default id is -1 (invalid)

SectionGroupInfo(int id, const Str &name, const std::vector<int> &sectionIds)

Constructs a new object with the given section group id, name and section ids.

SectionGroupInfo(const SectionGroupInfo &other)

Constructs a new SectionGroupInfo that is a copy of other.

SectionGroupInfo &operator=(const SectionGroupInfo &rhs)

Assigns rhs to this section info and returns a reference to this section group info.

bool operator==(const SectionGroupInfo &rhs) const

Returns true if this object is equal to rhs.

bool operator!=(const SectionGroupInfo &rhs) const

Returns true if this object is not equal to rhs.

int id() const

Returns the section group id.

Returns -1 if this section category info object is invalid.

Str name() const

Returns the section group name.

std::vector<int> sectionIds() const

Returns the section ids conforming this section group.