class DataSourceVTF : public DataSourceInterface

Data source interface for VTF model files.

The data source contains a collection of all states for one analysis. Each state groups together geometries and results for one time step, load case, frequency etc.

Each unstructured grid model owns one data source.

The DataSourceVTF is a subclass of DataSource. See DataSource on general functionality such as how to get states and metadata directory.

The VTF file format is Ceetron’s own format tailored specifically to carry structural mechanics and fluid dynamics data in a very compact form. For a thorough description of the VTF file format, see the reference guide.

Use open() to open a VTF file.

Public Functions

DataSourceVTF(int dataSourceId)

Constructs a data source with specified unique id.

bool isOpen() const

Returns true if file already open.

virtual bool open(const Str &fileName, Error *error = NULL)

Opens the VTF file given by filename.

Returns true if file was read successfully.

virtual void close()

Closes the data source.

bool fileProperties(PropertySetCollection *propSetCollection, ImageResources *resources)

Gets the property set collection and image resources for this VTF file.

int vendorId() const

Returns the vendor id from the VTF file.

Public Static Functions

static bool isVTFFile(const Str &filename)

Returns true if the given file is a VTF file (with the correct header information)

static bool snapshotImage(const Str &filename, Image *image)

Gets the snapshot image from the VTF file.

The method returns true if a snapshot was found.

static bool isExpressFile(const Str &filename)

Returns true if the file is a properly formatted VTF Express file (proprietary (closed) format)

static size_t plotDataCount(const Str &filename)

Returns the number of 2D plots defined in the VTF file.

static bool read2dPlotData(const Str &filename, size_t plotDataIndex, std::vector<Str> *variableNames, std::vector<Str> *variableUnits, std::vector<std::vector<double>> *variableData)

Returns the data in the given plot in the VTF file.

static Str fileContentsInfo(const Str &filename)

Returns information about the blocks in the VTF file.