class ParticleTraceUtils

Utilities for particle traces.

Public Static Functions

static std::vector<Vec3d> computeGridPoints(const Vec3d &center, const Vec3d &normal, unsigned int numU, unsigned int numV, double groupSpacing)

Computes a grid of points based on the given point and normal and returns the array of points.

Useful for generating particle trace seed points. All grid points will be in the plane specified by the given center and normal, centered around the center.

  • center – The center of the grid of generated points

  • normal – The normal of the surface which the grid points will be on.

  • numU – Number of grid point in the U direction.

  • numV – Number of grid points in the V direction.

  • groupSpacing – The distance between each point in the grid.


An array of Vec3 points forming a grid as specified. The grid will contain numU*numV points.