Change log

Version 6.0 [December 17, 2021]

  • Added support for specifying default colors for parts. See CDPGeometryInfo::addElementGroupInfoWithColor() and CDPDataProviderInfo::setHasDefaultColors() for more info.

Version 5.0 [October 29, 2021]

  • Added support for sending requests from the client to the data provider. See CDPDataProvider::handleClientRequest() for more info.

Version 4.1 [May 4, 2020]

  • Added support for element visibility result. With CDPDataProvider::getElementVisibilityResult() you can provide a visibility flag per element per for the given state. This is useful for analysis that have eroded or deleted elements as a cheap way of supporting remeshing, as it is much more efficient that providing a new geometry per state. Use CDPMetaData::setHasElementVisibilityResults() to specify that your simulation has a visibility result.

  • Added support for reader initialization options. The reader can provide information about init options in the CDPDataProviderInfo using the publishInitOption* methods. Any init options specified from the host app will be provided in the CDPInitOptions parameter to CDPDataProvider::init(). The host app can specify these options using the RemoteModel.setReaderOptions() method (EnvisionWeb) or by using the ReaderSettingsDataProvider class (EnvisionDesktop).

  • Added support for specifying a parent part in CDPElementGroupInfo::setParentPart() and for specifying additional key/value pairs of part info in CDPElementGroupInfo::addPartData(). This info can in the host be found in (EnvisionWeb) or cee::ug::PartInfo (EnvisionDesktop).

  • CDPElementGroupInfo::addPartInfo() renamed to CDPElementGroupInfo::setPartName(). Added CDPElementGroupInfo::setPartBoundaryCondition()

  • Added CDPMetaData::setSimulationInfo() to provide information about the simulation to the host. This info can in the host be found in (EnvisionWeb) or cee::ug::SimulationInfo (EnvisionDesktop).

Version 3.1 [Dec 20, 2019]

  • Added support for controlling if a vector/tensor result should produce derived (scalar/vector) results. See CDPResultInfo::setCreateDerivedResults() for more info.

  • Added idString to CDPResultInfo. The idString is a premanent identifier of the string that should remain constant between versions of the data provider.

Version 3.0 [Sept 5, 2019]

First public release of Ceetron Data Provider Framework