class DataResultVisibility : public RefCountedObject

Visibility result for all parts in the geometry for one data state.

The DataResultVisibility holds a collection of DataPartVisibility objects, each containing an array of boolean values defining if an element is visible or not.


The number of parts in the result visibility and in the geometry must be the same (similar to scalars, as shown below). The number of result values in each visibility part must match the number of elements in the part.


DataPartVisibility objects can be added using addPart(). Get the number of parts in the visibility result with partCount() and accessed individual parts by calling part()

with the requested index.

All parts can be removed using


To use the visibility result, use the ModelSpec::setVisibilityResult() method.


Note! The class is reference counted and can be shared between multiple result groups. Remember that since this object is reference counted it should never be created on the stack.

Public Functions


Constructs an empty object.

size_t partCount() const

Returns number of parts in this visibility result.

const DataPartVisibility *part(size_t partIndex) const

Returns the part at the given index.

DataPartVisibility *part(size_t partIndex)

Returns the part at the given index.

void addPart(DataPartVisibility *part)

Adds a visibility part to the result visibility.

Number of parts must match the number of parts in the corresponding geometry.

void removeAllParts()

Removes all visibility parts.