class VTFxMemoryFile : public RefCountedObject

A VTFx model file existing in memory.

The VTFx file formats is Ceetron’s own formats tailored specifically to carry structural mechanics and fluid dynamics data in a very compact form. The VTFxMemoryFile allows you to create a VTFx file without writing it to disk. This allows the program to communicate model data without intermediate storage on physical disk.

Public Functions


Constructs an empty memory file.

VTFxMemoryFile(const VTFxMemoryFile &other)

Constructs a memory file by copying from another memory file.

VTFxMemoryFile &operator=(const VTFxMemoryFile &other)

Assigns other to this memory file and returns a reference to this memory file.

void setFromRawData(unsigned char data[], size_t dataSizeInBytes)

Sets the memory file from a chunk of raw data.

bool save(const Str &filename) const

Saves the memory file to disk using the specified file name.

Returns true if file was successfully saved.