Programming guide

Getting started

To compile the framework, example plugins and example apps, we recommend using CMake. Download CMake from

To build and run the examples, please follow the steps below:

  • Unzip the distribution file info a folder (e.g. ResultCalculator)

  • Create a build folder (e.g. Build on the same level as ResultCalculator)

  • > cd Build

  • > cmake ../ResultCalculator

On Linux/mac, build the solution with:

> make

On Windows, open the project file and build with the selected compiler (e.g. Visual Studio).

The build step will build:

  • ResultCalculatorHostLib

  • MinimalPlugin

  • TestDriver

To run the test driver:

cd ExampleApps/TestDriver/
./TestDriver ../../ExamplePlugins/MinimalPlugin/crc_MinimalPlugin


The binaries may be stored in a sub Debug or Release folder on some platforms

Creating a ResultCalculatorPlugin

There are three steps to creating a ResultCalculatorPlugin

Step 1: Create the plugin

The main file defines the plugin. You define a version and a method for creating the Factory. The initializeResultCalculatorPlugin method is called by the host to initialize the calculator.

Example: MinimalPlugin.cpp

Step 2: Create the Result Calculator factory

The factory is responsible for instantiation and deletion of the ResultCalculator and providing information about the calculator. To create the factory, derive from CRCResultCalculatorFactory and implement the pure virtual methods.

Example: MinimalCalculatorFactory.h/cpp

Step 3: Create the Result Calculator

The calculator is where the meta data (input results, name etc) are communicated to the host and where the actual result calculation occur. To create a calculator, derive from CRCResultCalculator and implement the pure virtual methods.

Example: MinimalCalculator.h/cpp

Using Result Calculator in Envision for Web

The Result Calculator can be used with the RemoteModel server (CeeCloudServer). To load your Result Calculator, set the C3_UG_RESULT_CALCULATOR_FOLDER environment variable to point to the folder with your Result Calculator(s). The CeeCloudServer will load all the Result Calculators in the specified folder. The Result Calculators needs to comply to the following naming scheme:



crc_MyResultCalculator.dll (Windows), (Linux)

The server will list the registered Result Calculator when a file is opened.


A given Result Calculator may be ignored when loading a model if it’s considered to be invalid, e.g. the requested input results don’t exist or have mismatching result types and such.

Using Result Calculator in Envision Analyzer

To use your Result Calculator with CEETRON Analyzer for Desktop, define the environment variable CEE_RESULT_CALCULATORS_FOLDER to point to the folder where your Result Calculator is located. CEETRON Analyzer will load all Result Calculator in the specified folder. The Result Calculator file needs to follow the same naming scheme as described above.