class DataPoints : public Data

Data structure representing points data for a geometry part used in the GeometryModel

Describes a point cloud.

See also

GeometryModel, Part and Data

Public Functions


Constructs an empty data object.

DataPoints(const std::vector<Vec3d> &vertices)

Constructs a data points object from the specified vertices.

virtual Type type() const

Returns Data::POINTS.

virtual BoundingBox boundingBox() const

Returns the bounding box of the part data.

std::vector<Vec3d> vertices() const

Returns array of vertices used to build up the point cloud.

See also


void setVertices(const std::vector<Vec3d> &vertices)

Sets vertices of all the points.

See also


size_t pointCount() const

Returns number of points.

void removeAll()

Clears all data.