class ResultsQueryResultPosition

A ResultsQueryResultPosition object contains the position and the ResultsQueryResult of a specific value.

It holds the part id and the item id (node or element). If node/element don’t have ids, the index is used instead.

For node results -> the position is the node coordinate For element, element node or element surface results -> the position is the element centroid

For node result -> the reference value is the node result For element result -> the reference value is the element result For element node/element surface -> the reference value is the average in the element


ResultsQuery query(dataSource.get()); // the ResultsQuery object that will fetch the result values

// Use the individual container to request and receive the data from the ResultsQuery.
ResultsQueryResultPosition minScalar;
ResultsQueryResultPosition maxScalar;

int scalarId = 1;
int stateId = 2;
size_t geoIndex = 0;

query.minimumAndMaximumScalar(scalarId, stateId, geoIndex, &minScalar, &maxScalar); // Request the position of the min/max result

// the to access the data in the container
Vec3d positionSmallestScalar = minScalar.position(); 
const double* referenceValue = minScalar.result(); // pointer to double

std::vector<ResultsQueryResultPosition> queryMinValues;
std::vector<ResultsQueryResultPosition> queryMaxValues;

int itemCount = 5; // get the 5 highest values and the 5 lowest values of the given result id
query.minimumScalars(itemCount, scalarId, stateId, geoIndex, &queryMinValues);
query.maximumScalars(itemCount, scalarId, stateId, geoIndex, &queryMaxValues);

Public Functions


Constructs and empty results query result position.

ResultsQueryResultPosition(const ResultsQueryResultPosition &other)

Constructs a result position as a copy of other.

ResultsQueryResultPosition &operator=(const ResultsQueryResultPosition &other)

Assigns other to this position and returns a reference to this position.

bool operator==(const ResultsQueryResultPosition &other) const

Returns true if two result positions are equal.

void initialize(Vec3d position, const double *resultData, size_t dimension, int partId, int itemId, ResultMapping mapping)

Initializes this position with the given parameters.

double scalar() const

Returns the scalar value.

Vec3d vector() const

Returns the vector.

SymmetricTensor tensor() const

Returns the tensor.

const double *rawValuePointer() const

Returns a raw pointer to the result positions.

void setRawPointer(const double *resultData, size_t dataSize)

Sets the result data as a raw pointer.

size_t resultSize() const

Returns the size of the result.

Vec3d position() const

Returns the node coordinate position or element centroid depending on the result mapping type.

void setPosition(const Vec3d &position)

Sets the position.

int partId() const

Returns the part id.

Returns index if part has no id

void setPartId(int partId)

Sets the part id.

int itemId() const

Returns the item id.

Returns index if node/element has no ids

void setItemId(int itemId)

Sets the item id.

ResultMapping mapping() const

Returns the result mapping type.

void setMapping(ResultMapping mapping) const

Sets the results mapping type.

ResultType type() const

Returns the result type.