class VisualizationComponent

Static class for initialization of the Visualization component.

Public Static Functions

static bool initialize(Instance *instance)

One time initialization of the Visualization component.

Initialization should be done once per process. After successful initialization, any subsequent calls to this function will do nothing and silently return true.

static bool isInitialized()

Returns true if the Visualization Component has been properly initialized.

static unsigned int version()

Returns the component version as a single unsigned integer.

Version is returned on the form 0xMMNNPP (MM=major, NN=minor, PP=patch)

static Str versionString()

Returns the component version as a string.

static PtrRef<OpenGLContextGroup> createOpenGLContextGroup(OpenGLFunctionsBackend *functionsBackend)

Creates an OpenGL context group to use in the viewers.

Accepts a user defined OpenGL functions back-end that will be used for this context group.

Note! The passed functions back-end will be owned and deleted by the context group. This method must be called after initialize() and can only be called once. Only one context group is allowed.