class StateGroupInfo

Simple class containing metadata info for a group of states.

A state group info contains:

  • State group id

  • State group name

  • State ids of the states in the group

Default state group id is -1 which indicates an invalid id.

Public Functions


Constructs an empty object.

Default id is -1 (invalid)

StateGroupInfo(int id, const Str &name)

Constructs a new object with the given state group id and name.

StateGroupInfo(const StateGroupInfo &other)

Constructs a new StateGroupInfo that is a copy of other.

StateGroupInfo &operator=(const StateGroupInfo &rhs)

Assigns rhs to this state group info and returns a reference to this state group info.

int id() const

Returns the state group id.

Returns -1 if this state group info object is invalid.

Str name() const

Returns the state group name.

size_t stateCount() const

Returns the number of states in the group.

int stateId(size_t index) const

Returns id of the state at the given index.

void addStateId(int stateId)

Adds a state to this group, defined by its id. There must not be duplicates.

bool hasStateId(int stateId) const

Returns true if the given state is in the group.

void clear()

Clears the states in the group.