Result Calculator Framework

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CEETRON Result Calculator Framework is a framework for writing Result Calculators that can be plugged into applications based on CEETRON Envision for Desktop. This includes CEETRON Envision Demo Analyzer and the RemoteModel server (CeeCloudServer) in CEETRON Envision for Web. The same plugin can be used both in cloud and desktop.

The Result Calculator Framework enables the user to create a new Scalar, Vector, Displacement or Tensor (Strain or Stress) result based on already existing results.


Using other Result Calculators as input to a new Result Calculator is currently not supported!

Distribution Content

  • CMakeLists.txt : Main CMake file (used for building the framework and example apps).

  • ResultCalculatorHostLib: Library used by host applications to interface with the Result Calculator, e.g. example applications, EnvisionWeb and Analyzer Desktop.

  • ResultCalculatorPlugin: Header only library defining the interfaces needed for developing a plugin. A custom plugin has no external dependencies (not depending on ResultCalculatorHostLib).

  • ExampleApps: A TestDriver for interrogating and validating a plugin.

  • ExamplePlugins: MinimalPlugin: A small example showing how to create a plugin.

Supported Platforms

Envision Result Calculator Framework supports most compilers on most platforms. It has been tested on:

  • Windows. VS2010, and VS2015

  • Linux: Ubuntu 14

  • MacOS: MacOS 10.14, Xcode 10

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