Debug vs. Release

CEETRON Envision contains a lot of Asserts in debug build to help the programmer track down bugs and illegal usage situations. While these asserts add a safety net and help the developer, they also have a significant impact on performance.

So make sure you use the Release version of CEETRON Envision when doing performance testing.

Asserts when using the Debug version

Ceetron toolkits use two level of asserts. In debug builds, both of these levels are used and thus performance will be impacted. When used from C++ on Windows, asserts in the debug builds of Ceetron toolkits will show the standard assert dialog:


In the .NET version, the asserts will throw exceptions.

Asserts when using the Release version

In the release version, only the non-performance critical asserts are in use, and they only log to the Logging system and do not present the standard Assert dialog.