class OpenGLContextSpecWin

Specification class for creation of a Windows OpenGL context.

Currently used for enabling multi sampling (anti-aliasing) WGL extension.

Public Functions


Constructor - sets defaults.

void setDefault()

Sets default values.

void setColorBitsCount(unsigned char count)

Sets the color bits count.

unsigned char colorBitsCount() const

Gets the color bits count.

void setMultiSampling(bool set, int samplesCount = -1)

Enables/disables multi sampling and set the number of samples (-1 means max possible).

Note: samplesCount must be 2^n if != -1

bool multiSampling() const

Gets multi sampling toggle value.

int samplesCount() const

Gets the number of samples for multi sampling (-1 means max possible)

bool needsWGLExtensions() const

Checks if the spec requires WGL extensions.