SAM 1.6.x [Aug 16, 2023]

SHA: 138dcdd4

Fixed Bugs

CSAM-590 Fix flag logic to export the reaction forces if SYS_RES_R, or SYS_RES_XF is set in prosolve

Bug fix regarding the computation of reaction force after solving the linear system. Previously, the solver was not computing reaction force even though the SYS_RES_R flag was provided in the RProp. Now, we make sure that it computes it.

CSAM-601 Fix thermal strain flag set in material created inside method PElemSet_LoadMat

Fix taking into account thermal strains in structural analysis for multi-threaded simulations. With this fix, Prosolve produces the same results regardless of the used threads. If small numerical differences are found for thermal strain problems using this version, we encourage the user to upgrade the references since this is the expected behavior.

CSAM-494 integer overflow in Polyface pointers

Fix integer overflow in vis_connect Kernel when the model contains polyhedra and polygons generating more than 2147483647 faces

CSAM-494 CGNS WriteModel integer overflows

Fix two integer overflow risks in the function WriteModel for CGNS.

New Features

CSAM-569 Support of thermal expansion coefficient for kinematic couplings elements (temperature)

Compute the average temperature increment over all grid points.

CSAM-569 Support of thermal expansion coefficient for kinematic couplings elements (local coordinates)

Manage local coordinate systems in kinematic couplings with thermal expansion.

CSAM-569 Support of thermal expansion coefficient for kinematic couplings elements

The thermal expansion coefficient of kinematic couplings elements (RBE2-like) is now supported in the solver. This option is not available with the VFX_MPCTYPE_TRANSFORM method to enforce the multi-point constraints. In addition, the coefficient of thermal expansion of RBE2 cards can be read in NASFil.

CSAM-587 Add convention to gather all 2D elements in a single section in exported CGNS files

In CGNSVLib, a new convention VDM_CONVENTION_CGNSSINGLENGONSECTION2D is defined to gather all 2D surface elements (in the context of a 3D model) in the same Elements_t node section.

CSAM-581 support Ansys cdb keyword ETBLOCK

Support Ansys Mechanical 2023R1 new command ETBLOCK in the ANSFil library.


SAM 1.6.1

Aug 24, 2023 - SHA: 73495b51

CSAM-612 Fix compilation with VKI_NOVDMTOOLS

The compilation without unlicensed toolkits for VfxTools compilation (mainly VKI_NOVDMTOOLS) has been fixed.

CSAM-613 Fix missing prototypes from C# bindings

Fix missing prototypes from C# bindings.

CSAM-614 Fix failure to open Autodyn 23.2 files

A bug was preventing newer Autodyn files from being opened. Autodyn files up to version 23.2 can now be opened.

SAM 1.6.2

Aug 25, 2023 - SHA: 3445656e

CSAM-615 Remove undesired definitions in C# bindings

This fixes a bug creating undesired definitions in the C# bindings.

SAM 1.6.3

Sep 7, 2023 - SHA: fd2c02a6

CSAM-628 Fix C# headers generation

Fix various issues in the generation of the public constants values in the C# interface headers.

SAM 1.6.4

Oct 11, 2023 - SHA: b1b86538

CSAM-591 Store that Prosolve has changed Featech values when initially undefined

When solving multiple solution properties, and if not specified in the Model, Prosolve will now reinitialize the default element technology when executing each Solution Property.