Platform setup with Generic Linux

The main task is to get the X Server up and running with some sort of hardware or software graphics support. This process can be validated by using the glxinfo command to see graphics driver informational output and ensure your system is configured correctly.

The following generic steps are presented in the cases where the user’s distribution / platform are not covered by the sets of specific instructions that we provide in this wiki. They will vary on a case by case basis:

  1. Install platform specific X server package.

  2. Install required packages for opengl libGL and libGLU libraries.

  3. Install required package for glxinfo in order to validate X server setup.

  4. Start the X server. Note in some cases X can automatically detect the configuration, in other cases a configuration file might be required.

  5. Export the DISPLAY variable. In some cases this will be :0.0.

  6. You can validate that things are working correctly if the glxinfo command successfully prints graphics driver information