HOOPS Communicator 2024.4.0 is based on HOOPS Visualize 2024.4.0, HOOPS Exchange 2024.4.0, and HOOPS Publish 2024.4.0.



HOOPS Communicator WebViewer follows new ESM standards and can now load Javascript via ESM. With release 2024.4.0, the beta period ends and official support starts. Using ESM is recommended for all new developements. Techsoft3D also encourages existing integrations of the WebViewer API to migrate to ESM in order to fully benefit of all future development in the WebViewer. Details are available here. We also have a migration guide.

Functional Changes

Path Changes

ESM libraries have been relocated from COMMUNICATOR_INSTALL_DIR/web_viewer/esm/ to the COMMUNICATOR_INSTALL_DIR/web_viewer directory. Non-ESM libraries have been relocated to COMMUNICATOR_INSTALL_DIR/web_viewer/deprecated.


Legacy version of WebViewer IIFE API is deprecated. Newer versions are provided with identical API following the standard ESM, UMD, and IIFE. Communicator.SubentityProperties is now deprecated and hidden.

API Changes

New API to compensate for deprecation of Communicator.SubentityProperties:

  • Utils::isLineElement(prop: object): boolean

  • Utils.isCircleElement(prop: object): boolean

  • Utils.isOtherEdgeElement(prop: object): boolean

  • Utils.isPlaneElement(prop: object): boolean

  • Utils.isFace(prop: object): boolean

Fixed Bugs

As of Jul 02, 2024




HOOPS Communicator does not work in iPad Pro with iPadOS 17.5.1


Issue converting ifc file


Executing converter.exe with –png_camera_standard generates strange PNG files. Why?


Regarding the issue where all colors are rendered in black when importing a DWG


Creo Flexible Parts not rendered correctly


Incorrect thumbnail generated for non active Solidworks configurations


JT File Views not respecting visibility, JT created from Solid Edge


XHRon* callbacks are not fired when loading SCS files

Documentation Update

All HOOPS product documentation has adopted a standardized Table of Contents for ease of navigation. Some pages have been moved from their previous locations. If you are having trouble finding a page, look under Additional Resources and Support to see if it’s been relocated there.