Converter Library

The Converter library is a C++ library which exposes the rich functionality of Converter, and makes it easy to embed CAD-File conversion into your application.

License key

The HOOPS Converter Library requires a valid license to operate.

Linking to the Converter library

The Converter library requires libconverter.lib to be included in your application and requires libconverter.dll or to be available in your system path. Additionally, libconverter has a dependency on all dll/so files in the converter bin/ directory, so they need to be in the same folder that your application resides in.

For more information on the location of these files in your HOOPS Communicator package, consult our Package Description page.

Development on Windows

The Converter library is built with Visual Studio 2015 and is compatible with Visual Studio 2015, 2017, and 2019.

Example usage

The following example generates a Stream Cache Instance from a single input file:

Importing multiple files

A single Importer object should be used for importing all files during the life of your application. Attempts to create additional importer objects will result in an exception being thrown.

For more detailed examples of Converter library usage, please see the conversion examples page, or the HOOPS_Communicator/authoring/converter/example/ directory of the HOOPS Communicator package.