Additive manufacturing

This tutorial focuses on capabilities that would typically be provided by an additive manufacturing visualization solution. The starter and completed source code for this tutorial can be found on our The master branch contains an empty HOOPS Communicator project, intended for you to paste code snippets from this tutorial and build the app as you follow along. Alternatively, the completed branch contains the completed tutorial. A working demonstration can be found on GitHub Pages.

Getting Started

Follow the Tutorial install instructions provided with the GitHub repository to get started.

Covered topics

  • Working with multiple WebViewer objects

  • Adding and using transformation handles to nodes in your scene

  • Dynamic mesh creation at run-time using HOOPS Communicator

  • Instancing parts and assemblies within the scene

  • Extending the functionality of an existing built-in operator

  • Loading additional models into the scene and model tree

  • Querying model and node information

  • Implementing an auto-arrange function for nodes in the scene

By the end of this tutorial, we will see an application that looks similar to the final result below: