class FileSettings

File settings for VTFx files.

File settings are provided when creating VTFx files and when appending data to VTFx files.

Public Functions

inline FileSettings()

Public Members

bool binary

true (default): use binary data files

false: use text data files (mainly for debugging)

bool createDigitalSignature

true: a signature on the file contents will be created to detect changes made by third parties

false (default): no signature will be created

int compressionLevel

0: no compression

1: low compression rate with fast decompression speed

5 (default): medium compression

9: maximum compression

Str vendorName

Vendor name, usually the company name (single line of text)

Str applicationName

Name of the application that exports the VTFx file (single line of text)

Str password

Password for encrypted VTFx files (AES 256)

Empty string (default) to disable encryption.

Password must consist of 7 bit ASCII characters.