class Curve

A 2D data series for use in an OverlayPlot.

A Curve consists of a series of 2D data (x- and y-value pairs), a name and a color. An OverlayPlot contains one or more curve objects.

Public Functions

Curve(const Curve &other)

Creates a curve objects as a copy of other.

Curve &operator=(const Curve &other)

Assigns other to this curve and returns a reference to this curve.

size_t valueCount() const

Returns the number of x- and y-value pairs.

void setValues(const std::vector<double> &xValues, const std::vector<double> &yValues)

Sets x- and y-values.

Call AxisSettings::forceRangeUpdate() to recalculate the axis ranges.

std::vector<double> xValues() const

Returns all x-values.

std::vector<double> yValues() const

Returns all y-values.

Vec2d value(size_t valueIndex) const

Returns the x- and y-value at index valueIndex.

Color3f color() const

Returns the curve color.

void setColor(const Color3f &color)

Sets the curve color.

Str title() const

Returns the curve title.

void setTitle(const Str &title)

Sets the curve title.

double xValuesMinimum() const

Returns the minimum x-value.

double xValuesMaximum() const

Returns the maximum x-value.

double yValuesMinimum() const

Returns the minimum y-value.

double yValuesMaximum() const

Returns the maximum y-value.