Getting started


License system

The VTFx Component is a licensed software system. In order to use CEETRON Envision within your application you will need a valid license from Ceetron AS. See License system for more information.

Start your programming

Start by reading the Writing VTFx Files to get an overview on how the VTFx file and the VTFx Component are structured.

The included examples are a way to get to know and understand the VTFx Component. They are shipped with Visual Studio project files and Makefiles and are ready to run directly from the Examples folder. The generated VTFx files can be opened in all Ceetron products, including our free viewers. To see what end users can do with VTFx files, install the CEETRON Envision Demo Viewer or the Ceetron 3D Plugin for MS Office. Or just view your model directly in any browser at

See a full list of included examples at Code examples.

You find all examples in the Examples/VTFx/ folder.