class CoreComponent

Static class for initialization of the Core component.

Public Static Functions

static bool isInitialized()

Returns true if the component has been properly initialized.

static PtrRef<Instance> initialize(const Str &licenseCode, const InitializationOptions &initializationOptions = InitializationOptions())

One time initialization of the Core component.

Initialization should be done only once per process. This function will assert and return NULL if is called more than once per process.

Please call this method with the license keys generated in https://developer.techsoft3d.com/ If you have any issues with the license, contact us via https://techsoft3d.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals or support@ceetron.com.

  • licenseString – The (long) license string

  • initializationOptions – Initialization options.

static unsigned int version()

Returns the component version as a single unsigned integer.

Version is returned on the form 0xMMNNPP (MM=major, NN=minor, PP=patch)

static Str versionString()

Returns the version as a string, including any pre-release string if this is a pre-release.

For example: 1.2.0-rc1

static Str versionStringWithBuildSha()

Returns full version string, including the build SHA.

For example: 1.2.0-rc1+e73b7a84 or 1.2.1+e73b7a84

static void logVersionInfo()

Logs the Component version to the global logger.

static LogManager *logManager()

Returns a pointer to the global log manager.