class SimulationInfo

Simple class containing metadata info for the simulation that produced the model database.

A simulation info contains:

  • A title

  • A description

  • A filename

  • A source filename

  • A simulation type (structural, fluid, thermal,…)

  • A solution type (static, steady state, transient, …)

Metadata for a simulation is accessed from the data source directory.

Public Functions


Constructs an empty object.

SimulationInfo(const SimulationInfo &other)

Construct a SimulationInfo as a copy of other.

SimulationInfo &operator=(const SimulationInfo &rhs)

Assigns other to this and returns a reference to this simulation info.

Str title() const

Returns the simulation title.

void setTitle(const Str &title)

Sets the simulation title.

Str description() const

Returns the simulation description.

void setDescription(const Str &description)

Sets the simulation description.

Str filename() const

Returns the simulation filename.

void setFilename(const Str &filename)

Sets the simulation filename.

Str sourceFilename() const

Returns the simulation source filename.

void setSourceFilename(const Str &filename)

Sets the simulation source filename.

SimulationType type() const

Returns the simulation type.

void setType(SimulationType type)

Sets the simulation info type.

SolutionType solutionType() const

Returns the solution type.

void setSolutionType(SolutionType type)

Sets the solution type.