class ResultsQueryItem

Used to identify an element or a node within a DataGeometry in order to query result values for it using a ResultsQuery.

The item type needs to be consistent with the mapping of the queried result: nodes for node-mapped results, and elements for element, element-node- and element-surface- mapped results.

Items can be instantiated with the default constructor and then reused thanks to the second constructor to perform different queries.


ResultsQuery query(dataSource.get()); // the ResultsQuery object that will fetch the result values

ResultQueryItem item1; // first instantiation, no part index or index specified
ResultQueryItem item2; 

std::vector<ResultsQueryItem> items; // The vector of items that will be queried
std::vector<ResultsQueryResult> results; // The vector containing the results of the query

// First query

item1 = ResultsQueryItem(1, 5); // Looking for values at part 1, node 5 (the result is a node-mapped one)
item2 = ResultsQueryItem(2, 36); // Looking for values at part 2, node 36 


query.scalars(scalarId, stateId, 0, &items, &results);  // fills "results" with the scalar values 
                                                        // of the items. The geometry index is 0.
// Second query

items.clear(); // Clear the query item vector

item1 = ResultsQueryItem(0, 523); // Looking for values at part 0, element 523 (the result is an element-mapped one)
item2 = ResultsQueryItem(1, 136); // Looking for values at part 1, node 136 


query.vectors(vectorId, stateId, 0, &items, &results);  // fills "results" with the vector values 
                                                        // of the items. The geometry index is 0.

Public Functions


Constructs a query item object. This is used to instantiate an item for the first time.

ResultsQueryItem(size_t partIndex, size_t index)

Constructs a query item object and assigns the index of the DataPart which it belongs to as well as its own index within this part.

bool operator==(const ResultsQueryItem &other) const

Returns true if this item is equal to the passed item.

size_t partIndex() const

Returns the part index of this item.

size_t index() const

Returns the item index (node or element)