class MarkupPartFixedSizeGlyph : public MarkupPart

A MarkupModel part for drawing a fixed size glyph (2d billboard).

This part is used to draw a 2D image of a fixed size (in pixels) in a 3D position in the scene.

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Public Functions


Constructs an empty part.

MarkupPartFixedSizeGlyph(Image *image, const Vec3d &position, unsigned int pixelSizeLongestEdge)

Constructs a part with the given image, position and size in pixels.

virtual PartType type() const

Returns the type of the part. Always MarkupPart::FIXED_SIZE_IMAGE_GLYPH.

virtual BoundingBox boundingBox() const

Returns the current bounding box of the part.

virtual void setPriority(int priority)

Set render priority of the part.

The render priority determines the order in which parts get rendered. Parts with lower priorities get rendered first. The default priority is 101.

virtual int priority() const

Returns the render priority of the part.

virtual const Mat4d &transformation() const

Returns the current transformation matrix for the part.

virtual void setTransformation(const Mat4d &matrix)

Sets the transformation matrix to use for the part.

const Image *image() const

Returns the image of the glyph.

void setImage(Image *image)

Sets the image to draw as the glyph.

Vec3d position() const

Returns the position where the glyph is drawn.

void setPosition(const Vec3d &position)

Sets the position of the glyph.

unsigned int pixelSizeLongestEdge() const

Returns the size of the glyph (longest edge of the image) in pixels.

void setPixelSizeLongestEdge(unsigned int pixelSize)

Sets the size of the glyph in pixels.

The size is specified as the number of pixels of the longest edge (width or height) of the image.