class HitItemCollection

A collection of HitItem instances.

See also

HitItem and UnstructGridModel

Public Functions


Constructs an empty hititem collection.

HitItemCollection(const HitItemCollection &other)

Constructs a hititem collection as a copy of other.

HitItemCollection &operator=(const HitItemCollection &other)

Returns true if this equals other.

size_t count() const

Returns the number of items in the collection.

HitItem item(size_t index) const

Returns the HitItem at the given index.

void add(const HitItem &item)

Adds the given HitItem to the collection and returns the new number of items.

HitItemCollection firstItems(double equalItemThreshold) const

Returns all the HitItem instance that are at minimal distance.

Two items are considered equal when their distance differs by no more than the given equalItemThreshold