class ParticleTraceData

Data for a single particle trace within a group.

Public Functions


Creates an empty particle trace data object.

ParticleTraceData(const ParticleTraceData &other)

Creates a particle trace data as a copy of other.

ParticleTraceData &operator=(const ParticleTraceData &other)

Sets this object to equal other.

std::vector<Vec3d> positions() const

Returns particle trace positions.

void setPositions(const std::vector<Vec3d> &positions)

Sets particle trace positions.

std::vector<double> timeStamps() const

Returns particle trace time stamps.

void setTimeStamps(const std::vector<double> &timeStamps)

Sets particle trace time stamps.

std::vector<double> scalarValues() const

Returns particle trace scalar values.

void setScalarValues(const std::vector<double> &scalarValues)

Sets particle trace scalar values.