CEETRON ENVISION with Windows Forms


CEETRON Envision has (on Windows) a built-in support for Win32 apps. This is implemented by the Win Component. The same component is used for Win32, MFC, Windows Forms and WPF.

See the topic C# Users: Features and differences for tips on how to use CEETRON Envision and this documentation with C#/.NET

Creating a viewer

All CEETRON Envision apps needs a viewer in order to visualize the 3D data. Windows Forms uses the class:ViewerWin32 <cee::win::ViewerWin32> found in the Win Component.

For integration towards Windows Forms, you create your own UserControl and implement paint, mouse and other event handling towards CEETRON Envision. A functional viewer with full code is provided in the WinFormsMinimal example. The WinFormsDemoApp offers more advanced integration features (like selection and rubberband).

Example programs

All .NET examples are provided with a .cproj for use in Visual Studio.

Windows Forms Minimal


Location: Examples/WinForms/WinFormsMinimal
A very small example showing the basic requirements for a Windows Forms

Windows Forms Report


Location: Examples/WinForms/WinFormsReport
A very small example showing the basic functionallity of the Report component.

Windows Forms DemoApp


Location: Examples/WinForms/WinFormsDemoApp
A small Post Processor written in Windows Forms to showcase some of the
features in the UnstructGrid component.