class ScalarMapperFilledContoursUniform : public ScalarMapperContinuousDomain

Maps scalar values to texture coordinates/colors using a filled contours style color map with levels of uniform size.

Configured by specifying a number of level colors and a min/max range.

See tutorial Geometry: Create a geometry model with texture for an example of the use of ScalarMapperFilledContoursUniform.

Public Functions


Constructs an empty object.

double rangeMinimum() const

Returns the minimum range value.

double rangeMaximum() const

Returns the maximum range value.

void setRange(double min, double max)

Sets the range min and max values.

void setColors(const std::vector<Color3f> &colorArray)

Sets the scalar mapper level colors from an array of colors.

void setColors(ColorTableFactory::ColorTable colorTable, unsigned int levelCount)

Sets the scalar mapper level colors from a color table and level count.

virtual Vec2f mapToTextureCoordinate(double scalarValue) const

Maps scalar value to texture coordinate.

virtual Color3f mapToColor(double scalarValue) const

Maps scalar value to color.

virtual bool updateTexture(Image *image) const

Updates texture image.

virtual double normalizedValue(double domainValue) const

Maps domain value (range_min -> range_max) into a normalized value (0 -> 1)

virtual double domainValue(double normalizedPosition) const

Maps normalized value (0 -> 1) into a domain value (range_min -> range_max)

virtual unsigned int version() const

Returns the version number of the mapper. Version is increased whenever the mapper is modified.

virtual std::vector<double> tickValuesHint() const

Returns a suggestion for which tick marks to use. The base class returns an empty array.