class Views : public RefCountedObject

Class to manage the list of views in the application.

Public Functions

size_t count() const

Returns number of views.

cee::vis::View *current()

Returns current view.

ViewInfo currentViewInfo() const

Returns current view info.

Selection *currentViewSelection()

Returns the current selection.

void setCurrent(cee::vis::View *view)

Sets current view.

size_t currentIndex() const

Returns index of current view.

void setCurrentIndex(size_t index)

Sets current view by index.

size_t indexOf(const cee::vis::View *view) const

Returns the index of the specified view.

cee::vis::View *get(size_t index)

Returns the view at the given index.

ViewInfo viewInfo(size_t viewIndex) const

Returns the view info for the specified viewIndex.

ViewInfo viewInfo(cee::vis::View *view) const

Returns the view info for the specified view.

Selection *viewSelection(size_t viewIndex)

Returns the selection at given index.

Selection *viewSelection(cee::vis::View *view)

Returns the selection for the five view.

cee::PtrRef<cee::vis::View> add()

Adds a new view and returns it.

bool remove(size_t index)

Removes the view at the specified index.

bool remove(cee::vis::View *view)

Removes the specified view.

bool removeCurrent()

Removes the current view.

Public Static Functions

static Views *instance()

Views is a singleton. Always access Views using this instance()