class ViewerUIFramework : public Viewer

A base class used for integrating Ceetron Envision with a UI Toolkit.

This class describes the minimum implementation needed to integrate Ceetron Envision into a UI framework. Ready to use PlatformIntegration classes are provided for Qt, wxWidgets and Win32. These can be useful to look at when creating a Viewer for your Toolkit. The Qt Viewers are described here: CEETRON ENVISION with Qt

To create your own Viewer, you need to derive from this class and implement the three pure virtual methods below. This is the only requirement to get Ceetron Envision to work with your UI toolkit.

  • doRequestRedraw(): Here you need to redraw the window, usually by posting a update/redraw/refresh message.

  • doRequestImmediateRedraw(): Here you need to redraw the window now, not just post a update/redraw/refresh message.

  • doMakeCurrent(): Here you need to make the OpenGL context current.

  • doIsCurrent(): Here you need to return true if the OpenGL context of this viewer is current, and false if not.

Please contact Support if you need assistance in using Ceetron Envision with your UI toolkit on your platform(s).

Public Functions

ViewerUIFramework(OpenGLContextGroup *contextGroup)

Constructs a Viewer.

You need to provide a OpenGLContextGroup. This is created using the VisualizationComponent::createOpenGLContextGroup() method. See one of the Minimal example programs for a demonstration on how to do this.