class OpenGLInfo

Class containing OpenGL renderer and version information for an OpenGLContextGroup.

Public Functions

OpenGLInfo(Str version, Str vendor, Str renderer, Str backendDetails)

Creates an OpenGLInfo object from vendor, renderer and backendDetails.

OpenGLInfo(const OpenGLInfo &other)

Constructs a new OpenGLInfo that is a copy of other.

OpenGLInfo &operator=(const OpenGLInfo &rhs)

Sets this object equal rhs.

Str version() const

Returns string with OpenGL version information.

Str vendor() const

Returns OpenGL vendor string that identify the maker of the OpenGL implementation.

Str renderer() const

Returns the names of the OpenGL renderer used by the implementation.

Str backendDetails() const

Returns details on the current OpenGL back-end implementation.