class MarkupModelHitItem

Small class containing the data for a hit of an intersection between a ray and a part in an MarkupModel.

See also

Ray and MarkupModel

Public Functions


Constructs an empty hit item.

size_t partIndex() const

Returns the index of the hit part.

void setPartIndex(size_t index)

Sets the part index.

Vec3d intersectionPoint() const

Returns the intersection point.

void setIntersectionPoint(const Vec3d &intersectionPoint)

Sets the intersection point.

size_t partSubIndex() const

Returns the sub index of the hit part.

void setPartSubIndex(size_t subIndex)

Sets the part sub index.

double distanceAlongRay() const

Returns the distance along the ray.

void setDistanceAlongRay(double distance)

Sets the distance along the ray.