class States : public RefCountedObject

Class to manage the list of states in the application.

Public Functions

size_t count() const

Returns the number of states.

cee::ug::DataState *current()

Returns the current state.

cee::ug::StateInfo currentInfo() const

Returns the current state info.

void setCurrentInfo(cee::ug::StateInfo info)

Sets the current state info.

size_t currentIndex() const

Returns the index of the current state.

void setCurrentIndex(size_t index)

Sets the state with index index to current.

size_t indexOf(cee::ug::StateInfo info) const

Returns the index of the specified state info info.

cee::ug::StateInfo info(size_t index) const

Returns the state info at index.

cee::ug::StateInfo info(const cee::Str &wildcard) const

Returns the state info matching the search string wildcard.

Return an invalid state info (id == -1) if none found

Public Static Functions

static States *instance()

States is a singleton. Always access States using this instance()