Use the Import CAE Component

The ImportCae component adds easy loading of simulation results from commercial CAE formats. It provides a data source for the UnstructGrid Component that can read files from commercial FEA and CFD simulation software systems. With a few lines of code you can import your model from most commercial FEA and CFD file formats.


License: The ImportCae Component requires a license with this feature enabled. Please see License system for more info.

Import a CAE model

CEETRON Envision contains readers for numerous commercial FEA and CFD file formats. These are imported using the DataSourceCae data source.

Add the following code to import and show a supported file:

cee::imp::cae::DataSourceCae* source = new cee::imp::cae::DataSourceCae(datasourceId);
cee::ug::Error error;
if (source->open(filename, &error))
    m_unstructModel = new cee::ug::UnstructGridModel();



The DataSourceCae behaves in the same way as the other data source interfaces. In addition to the open() function it also has an openSecondary() for interfaces where the data is divided into multiple files.

To get a list of all supported readers and their associated file endings programmatically, get DataSourceCae::supportedFormats().

Supported formats are listed under the CAE Import Component.

Special requirements for Abaqus ODB files

The Abaqus ODB reader depends on an external set of libraries provided by a third party vendor. These libraries are found under ThirdParty/Abaqus> in the distribution.


The Abaqus ODB reader can only read files from the latest version of Abaqus. If you try to open an old file, the file will be converted into a file with the name filename_upg.odb and this file will be opened. See cee::imp::cae::DataSourceCae::open() for more information.