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CEETRON ENVISION for Desktop Overview

Version: 1.0-0

CEETRON Envision is a modular, object-oriented class library tailored to presentation of scientific and engineering data with a particular strength in visualization of finite element models and results. It is an excellent development platform for building 3D visualization applications and provides software developers with ease of use and effectiveness during application building.

CEETRON Envision integrates easily and swiftly into the developer’s environment and contain powerful functionality for post processing and visualization of simulation data. This enables the user to concentrate on improving the core functionality of the simulation environment and structuring the workflow and application logic of the software.

CEETRON Envision is based on recent implementations of OpenGL, is fully shader-based and uses an instruction set which enable visualization on multiple platforms using a common code base. As a result, the graphics performance of CEETRON Envision based applications is optimized for multiple devices ranging from high end workstations, laptops and mobile handheld devices.

CEETRON Envision contains powerful features for modeling and management of simulation data. It contains a rich, high level feature set for extracting and displaying simulations results efficiently.

CEETRON Envision comes with an extensive on-line documentation (this document) and a tutorial set including code examples on how to use. The tutorial set also contains a complete demo application, including source code for free use and redistribution.

Help System Overview

On the top of this page you have several tabs that defines the main sections of the Help System:

  • Home
    This page. A brief introduction to CEETRON Envision as well as an overview of the help system.

  • Getting Started
    This page describes how to get started with using CEETRON Envision on various platforms and UI toolkits.

  • Sample code
    Tutorial and code examples supporting the feature description in the Topic section.

  • Programming guide
    Here we cover various common topics related to CEETRON Envision. This is a good place to look for description on high level tasks, like how to get data into CEETRON Envision, do animation, work with cutting planes etc.

  • API reference
    Hierarchical breakdown of CEETRON Envision from the Components all down to each class, method and data type.


Supported Platforms

CEETRON Envision for Desktop supports the following platforms:

  • Windows C++ and .NET. Libraries compiled with VS2015 (140 toolset), which will work in VS2015, VS2017 and VS2019.

  • Linux C++. Libraries for Ubuntu 14.04 and later.

  • Python (Windows and Linux). Python 3.6 or later required.

Supported UI Toolkits

CEETRON Envision can be easily integrated into most UI toolkits. We provide examples for

  • Qt: Qt4, Qt5 and Qt6 are supported in our examples.

  • wxWidgets: wxWidgets 3.0 and later are supported in our examples.

  • .NET: We provide C# examples for both WinForms and WPF.

  • Python: We provide a Python example app for PyQt5.

  • MFC: We provide a MinimalMfc example app to get you started with MFC.

  • Win32: We provide both a MinimalWin32 and a MultiView example for Win32 users.

Getting started

Please go to the Getting Started page for information on how to start using Ceetron Envision.

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