class CameraPropertyHandler

Property handler for camera properties.

Public Types

enum PropertyKey

List of property keys for CameraPropertyHandler.


enumerator EYE

Eye position.

enumerator VRP

View reference point.

enumerator VUP

Up vector.


Projection type.


Field of view.

enumerator ORTHO_HEIGHT

Ortho height.

Public Functions

CameraPropertyHandler(PropertySet *propSet)

Creates a camera property handler from a given property set propSet.

Variant propertyValue(PropertyKey key) const

Returns the property value for the specified property key.

Returns an empty Variant if the property key was not found.

void setPropertyValue(PropertyKey key, Variant data)

Sets the property key and value to this handlers property set.

If key exists in the property set, the paired property value is updated to data. Otherwise the key/value pair is added to the property set.

void applyToCamera(vis::Camera *camera, const BoundingBox *viewBoundingBox) const

Applies the properties in this property set to the camera settings.

void buildProperties(const vis::Camera &camera)

Sets the property keys and values for this property set from the camera settings.

Public Static Functions

static Str propertySetClassType()

Returns the class type of the property set.

static bool isValidPropertySet(const PropertySet &propSet)

Returns true if the specified property set is a valid camera property set.