namespace rep

The Report component provides report generation in PowerPoint, Word and HTML using data directly from your simulation.

The Report Component allows you to integrate report generation functionality into your CAE simulation environment. The component will allow your customers to create engineering reports directly in MS Office formats (Word and PowerPoint). It facilitates capturing, organizing and presentation of data; reducing a time-consuming necessity to a minimum. Information such as interactive 3D content, images, 2D plots, simulation variables (e.g. min, max values) and tabular data can be included into the report. Or you can keep you report file size small and just use hyper linked images to send the reader directly to the full model hosted in the cloud using Ceetron Cloud.

The report content, denoted snapshots, is stored away in a repository. At the report generation step, the report content will populate a report template. An MS Office add-in provides extensive support for creating customized report templates. Any already generated report can work as a template for a new report. By exploiting this feature, existing reports can easily be updated with new content.

For more information on creating report, see the topic: Create interactive reports directly from your application