class ReaderSettingsOpenFoam

Settings applicable to the OpenFoam file reader.

Public Functions


Creates an new object.

void setLoadsBoundaryParts(bool load)

Sets the flag that controls the loading of boundary parts.

void setIncludesProcessorBoundaryParts(bool includes)

Sets the flag indicating whether processor boundary parts will be included if boundary parts are loaded.

bool loadsBoundaryParts() const

Returns true if boundary parts are loaded.

bool includesProcessorBoundaryParts() const

Returns true if processor boundary parts are loaded when loading boundary parts.

void setProvidesNodeAveragedResults(bool provide)

Sets the flag that controls the providing of node-averaged results.

When true, boundary parts will be loaded (excluding processor boundary parts unless otherwise specified)

bool providesNodeAveragedResults() const

Returns true if node averaged results are provided by the OpenFoam reader, accounting for boundary conditions.