class MarkupText3dItem

An item for a MarkupPartText3d.

This class describes how to render one text item. The item may consist of several lines.

Public Functions


Public Members

Str text

The text to draw. Support multi-line text with ‘\n’ as the line separator.

Vec3d position

The position (in world coordinates) of the lower left corner of the text.

Vec3d directionVector

The horizontal orientation (in world coordinates) of the text.

The text will be drawn in this direction. The vector does not need to be normalized.

Vec3d upVector

The up vector of the text to draw (in world coordinates).

This is the vertical (y) orientation of the text. The vector does not need to be normalized.

double textHeight

The height of the text (in world coordinate system) along the upVector.

This will control the size of the text. As the height of each character is unique, the given height is the height of the letter A.