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VTFx Component Overview

VTFx Component is an object-oriented class library, suitable for integration with FEM-based solvers and codes. It is an easy-to-use component for creating VTFx files in which are stored geometry models and results, as well as how their viewing is configured: animation settings, draw styles (wire frame, points, surfaces..), cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes….

Through the VTFx files produced with the VTFx Component, developers of commercial and in-house CAE codes open a wide variety of possibilities to their end users. Indeed, VTFx files are supported by Ceetron’s free viewing tools: CEETRON Envision Demo Viewer for Desktop, Ceetron 3D Plugin for MS Office and CEETRON Envision Demo Viewer for Web. Our 3D Viewer is a lightweight 3D viewing application available on a wide range of platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad and iPhone, whereas our 3D Plugin for MS Office allows users to insert interactive 3D models in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word documents. By putting your VTFx up on Ceetron Cloud, you have an interactive 3D model directly into any web browser, on any platform, without any installation. By using these free products, CAE data can easily be shared across different hardware and software platforms without the need of installing licensed software.

The VTFx Component supports many differents types of finite elements as well as adaptive meshes and results. Scalar (1D), vector (3D) and displacement results are supported, as well as element sets (a.k.a. element groups). The component supports case properties that allow the user to pre-define multiple cases, i.e. pre-define different visualization configurations in a single file. CEETRON Envision Demo Viewer, Ceetron 3D Plugin, CEETRON Envision Demo Analyzer, Ceetron Cloud and the rest of the Ceetron products automatically read the stored cases and propose the different configurations to the user.

A comprehensive list of available properties can be found in the Properties documentation.

Getting Started

Please go to the Getting Started tab for information on how to start using the VTFx Component.